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Creating an enhanced future for all individuals by enabling those who face significant challenges! Our goal is to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles by providing top-notch support and fostering an inclusive environment of empowerment where everyone can access the tools and resources to obtain a "new home for you." We are committed to addressing the unsheltered crisis in Los Angeles County through a comprehensive range of services, including transitional housing, case management, reentry programs, web design, and web applications. Our primary objective is to reduce the number of unsheltered individuals in the region, and we strive to achieve this. Our skilled team of professionals leverages their expertise to ensure our clients receive high-quality care and assistance tailored to their needs. Through our efforts, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those experiencing economic disadvantages.

How Assess-Works© Works?

4/16/2024: Reach out a hand to support us today! The collaboration is already working, and innovations are underway. The plan is to create a chain reaction and produce innovations. Innovations come to life with our new group that encourages questions and allows individuals to collaborate, “creating a new.” This works by participants giving the knowledge to other participants in this program to help organizations with a property management system that allows another person to join this project and also brainstorm new ideas. Then they can start to adopt the training we will provide so that as we train in technology, it helps that individual reintegrate back into society, and while they do this training, it will help another organization, and that will help another person, and if that other person can follow the program they will be assisting another creating an endless loop. I know this all sounds repetitive, but that’s the point. Creating this chain reaction that joins at each end will not just be utilizing all community resources. It will ultimately attempt to decrease the number of unsheltered people worldwide and work economically to create jobs and enhance technological education in the area, ultimately eliminating costs and putting more heads in beds.