Eliminate Expenditures, Enhance Performance, Encourage Collaboration

Assess-Works© is not just a web application; it is a complete property management system that will allow the 1st Home for U Development Team to provide six-month technological training that will result in participants earning a CompTIA and our Build It Certificates. With all the skills individuals will learn in this training program, a person will have all the tools needed to begin their career as an IT professional. Additionally, this training will provide customized web applications to the project's partners, allowing organizations that assist with the unsheltered crisis to enhance performance and eliminate expenditures. The ultimate goal is to allow more funding to hit the streets and put more heads in beds. 

Let us digitize and optimize your operations

Intake & Applications

Let us transform this process into a digital format by developing an aesthetically pleasing form that will securely store all data within a database.

2-Factor Login

Depending on the specific requirements of your customized system, we can implement a secure login system for online applications that is designed to be fail-safe.


A non-deletable accounting system that records adjustments, offers customizable ledgers, exports data to CSV format, and incorporates CRM functionality.

Ticket Systems

Customized ticket systems can be tailored to align with your organization's branding and visual identity. As a user of Assess-Works©, you will be granted access to our ticket system, providing our team with the capability to offer technical assistance and support as needed.


1st Home for U is dedicated to leveraging innovation to foster collaborative efforts in developing novel applications and data recording methodologies. This approach aims to facilitate future quantification of data, thereby enabling informed decision-making and the creation of comprehensive reports for funding applications.

Responsive Designs

In the process of developing various forms and interfacing with databases, ticket systems, accounting, and case management systems, we possess the capability to create designs that seamlessly adapt to tablets, phones, or any other devices utilized by your organization. Allow us to craft innovative solutions tailored to your needs.