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Support our new technological training program that equips individuals leaving correctional facilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, people leaving rehabilitation centers, and anyone experiencing economic disadvantages with the tools needed to pursue a career as an IT professional. Along the path to achieving this goal, 1st Home for U offers the best supportive services focusing on overcoming unhealthy thinking and any obstacles along the way. Join us in decreasing the number of unsheltered individuals worldwide. While we provide this training, participants will digitize the operations of anyone attempting to provide a service to the unsheltered crisis. Donations will provide beds, equipment, and training to allow individuals to thrive in this community and use their newfound skills to regain stability and enhance the economy.

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Our primary objective is to attract ample resources and partners who can continuously support our operations. The success of our endeavors dramatically depends on the contributions of our partners. Thus, we aim to foster long-term relationships with our partners, who can help us achieve our goals efficiently. We aspire to make notable progress in our operations through collaboration with our partners and establish ourselves as a reliable and accomplished entity. If you are interested in sponsoring 1H4U, email!